Help from the experienced please

I’m very much a beginner. I’m researching t buy my first set of two way walks talkies license free with the best range I can. looking at products from Motorola V Midlands. I know this must be a common question for the very experienced but which brand is more reliable & better please?

To be fair, the UK pmr446 licence free system means they’re all virtually identical. The usual thing is antennas. The longer, the better but more awkward for pockets etc. brand wise, Motorola have a better name for expensive radios but at this price point it doesn’t matter as repairs tend to be swaps in warranty throw away out of warranty

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Thanks Paul… Great . Antennas… Yes makes sense. I’ve looked at a few with pretty much similar spec ( which I don’t fully grasp but i can read information ) so I’ll go for the one with the longest antenna. I just need to get off the ground & get some basic experience before spending more money & better / higher spec equipments. Cheers

There are some really nice small radios, with gentle curves in the case hiding a shortened UHF antenna - a short helical inside - but while theyre great for restaurants and shops and the like, the range is compromised. A straight up antenna always works better. Hence why the ultimate range is always tall antenna, highest legal power and the highest ground you can find. Worst of course is low power, compact antenna and one person inside a metal building.

I’m okay with Long antennas on portable units. my aim is good long range & communication & not really how they look. so, looking through what available in the market now with the longest licence free units ( and teh longest antenna i have found is about 12cm ) so far

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