Help for purchasing a gift

Hi. I first want to say that I know NOTHING about these radios. I have never purchased or used one. I am here because I am looking for a birthday gift for my nephew. He is turning 13 and does a lot of dirt bike racing (He has come in first place in his series…just sayin’ :D) Anyway, I would like to purchase a radio that he could use to communicate with his pit crew while racing. Naturally this would need to be hands free and easy to use. Admittedly, I’m lost. Any suggestions for something under $100?

MURS and FRS are the only choices without a license. You need to get the proper type accepted radios. The store on this site has items that are properly approved. All the FRS radios have GMRS also; but you cannot use the GMRS capability without a license, which all members of the crew would require.

If he has a bluetooth in-helmet speaker / mic, the Motorola MU-350R that has bluetooth built in might do the trick - albeit just a tiny bit above the budget.