help education needed

i have a midland 5001z 40 radio. i want this as a home radio, what do i need to start this up…i think i have a few things that may or may not work, but not confident enough to spend the money… i believe i need a indoor antenna, and a power source which everywhere i turn, i get different ones…from videos. Looking to get these things before gas goes up to 11 dollars a gallon. all help appreciated and thnxs for your time. names manufactors anything, really have to order from home, disabled… getting out tough… when i seen i guess was more than plug and play…help ty

You will need a AC to DC power supply ( check out the buy2wayradio) website for items needed. You will need coax and you will need an antenna for the 27Mhz - 11m frequency / Band.

Indoor antennas for CB are not very popular - efficiency low, and this limits range - if you cannot get an outside antenna, you might not hear very much at all - depending on how busy your area is? I’d give the forum owners a ring if you need everything as a package - they’re really helpful.

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