Help Basic Radio for Group

There is so much information here, it is a little overwhelming. I am interested in radios for 10 - 15 family members that live within 10 miles of each other. I am guessing we are out of luck on the 10 miles:D I did see something about a “group” setting on the Midland GXT800. Does anyone know if that group setting is available on the Midland GXT900? And is that the radio we should purchase?

Or should we get a Trisquare? Which one?

We are actually trying to set up a disaster preparation plan. We live on the worst fault line (New Madrid) and we also happen to have tornados pretty regularly. So we are trying to think of way to communicate in case of a disaster.

I would like to be able to let my children use them to go for hike in the woods or a bike ride.

I don’t believe anyone in our group has even one 2-way radio so we are starting from scratch.

Thanks for any advice on a good radio for a group under $100.

clueless in the Midwest

The TriSquares will allow for better communications security, and have flexibility in setting up personalized channels and Groups.

The Midlands will have higher power output, but in order to use that will require a GMRS license. ($85) They also have flexibility to allow for group settings.

Both will do what you want.