Help a tourist!

Hi everyone.
I am looking for some information and your recommendations for a short range radio for an upcoming vacation in Canada. I am from Scotland, and will be in Ontario in October for a family wedding. We plan to do some touring and tourist stuff too, and as we will have 2 rental vehicles, I thought it would be a good idea to have some low powered, short range radios for communication between the vehicles.
First question is am I allowed to buy and use GMRS/FRS radios for this purpose and legally use them in Canada?
Secondly, any suggestions which radios I should buy?

I would go with the Midland GXT-900-VP4.

FRS/GMRS radios are legal in Canada.

You can’t use them back home in Scotland, so you may want to buy a real cheap pair.

Thanks for the replies and the information.
I know that the freqs used in North America are not available here in the UK, and also that equipment available here is not legal to use over there, 446 MHz being in your amateur band allocation. I will probably leave the radios with a relative, once I have finished with them.
I like the look of the Midland range, and the GXT 720 VP3 is considerably cheaper than the 900, so I think I will order those.
Thanks for your help,


You won’t find Midland sold in Canada as easily as in the States. Every radio there has to be approved by Industry Canada. I recommend going into the Source by Circuit City, Best Buy or Canadian Tire. They are easy to find. Look for the Motorola SX620R. They are inexpensive and have mini-USB charging ports. They way you can keep them charged will driving. Only Motorola has this feature.