My name is John Hettish and I’m the chief operating officer of a company called Middle Tennessee Two-way Inc, located oddly enough, in the middle of the state of Tennessee. As of February 2nd I’ve been in the two way radio business for 43 years, working for others for the first ten years then as an owner of MT2W.

I’ve been looking for another Land Mobile Radio formum that’s not quite as restrictive as another I was a member of for twenty years. Running a two-way commercial radio business is quite a challenge and at 70, I’m still at it to include tower climbing.

At the moment I’m hoping to find some information concerning the IFR Com120 and the General Dynamics R2600 (Motorola branded) service monitors. Often other questions come up as well. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been in the business I cannot necessarily go to “myself” for advice so I look forward to the ability to gain information from others.