Hello Radio People!

How’s it going!
Just getting on here to advance a long time hobby of mine. I’m finally starting on my HAM certs and I’d like to get to know the equipment better than what I can get in a box. I’m used to CBs and some interesting handsets my buddies and I use for hunting and airsoft (and to flip each other ■■■■ when we’re out wheeling)
I do have one serious question though: with a $200 budget what’s the best UHF capable (for listen only of course) hand set I can get. The area I’m in is begging to get smacked by the kung-flu and I’d like some better listen options than I have on my current rig (at least until I can get my RF-Hack stick build working) and still have enough range to keep my people on the line on legal freqs. Compatability with directional antennae is a plus, we’ve recently started playing around with some redneck foxhunting to ad an extra challenge to our wheeler meets.

The Mountain ■■■
*Edit: Apparently the automation censors the last 3 letters in my user name if I use it as a proper English signature. It’s nothing obscene.
*Edit 2.5 (2 was for spelling): I’m a total newbie by the standards of this forum, I’m just jumping in head long so I can learn the gear side to repair and build my own rigs. I’m trying to build a stationary unit with ebay parts, the full RF Hack Stick component set and most of an old gaming computer. It’s not going well yet but I’m learning.

Welcome! I’d recommend a uv8d wouxon, (be sure to disable the transmit when programming in those listen only channels).

I’ve had/have several of these and mostly use it as a scanner, it supports the new 11kf3 narrow fm which on most scanners results in low volume and hiss. It also has tone squelch which has become necessary For public safety scanning due to narrowing of the channels.

As a ham rig it’s a great performer IMO! I usually get compliments on its audio quality in transmit.

It works great with chirp programming software (free)

The one I’m currently using is four years old and just got a new 2600mah battery and the old one is still going strong.

Upgrade the antenna to better one is a good idea for vhf operation.

Good luck, and remember to disable the transmit when programming those “listen only” channels.

Sorry for the slow reply, work has been insane. I ordered one but it’s going to take a while, one of my buddies loaned me a booster and a mast antenna so I can keep in touch with my CB from home. I’m lucky out here the CB is still popular with just about everyone even in town.