Hello Everyone

Hello. I just joined. I have a big question that I Googled with no results.

I was around in the 70s so I am familiar with the old 49 channel CBs and in fact received a Cobra CB as a gift last year and the only person I could find on-air was a State Trooper monitoring one of the channels (I think it was 9) and he gave me a 5x5 on a radio check so I knew my antenna worked.

I still have a pair of older 1980s walkie talkies and a new pair of walkie talkies. The new set has channels and sub-channels. I have tried to find someone on them and I guess I heard a neighbor one day but it is difficult to scan through the channels and sub -channels.

I tried, in the same room, to talk on the retro walkie talkies and hear it on the new ones by going through each channel and it did not work. I am guessing the new ones are digital and not compatible.

Does anyone have a frequency diagram showing the old channels which were the same as CBs compared to the new models. I can give you specific model numbers if needed. I just want to understand how walkie talkies have evolved over the years.

Also my new walkie talkies are supposed to have a 5 mile range but my wife and I tried and it didn’t even go 1 mile before cutting out.

Thanks and I look forward to reading the posts in this forum. I think I found a new hobby and might even go for my Amateur Radio license.