Headsets... Which one???


I was just looking at the Motorola Earpiece with Boom Microphone (56320), XLT HS150-MT Lightweight Headset (PTT / VOX) and the XLT TM100-MT Throat Mic with Finger PTT Mic

Are these all compatible with UNIDEN UHF radios? and are they compatible with the Motorola FV700R series?

I do a lot of out door activities and so I need a hands free set which is hard wearing, durable and comfortable and is out of the way so I don’t need to keep adjusting the position. Which one would you recommend and why… It doesn’t have to be out of those 3?.
And can you tell me the difference between all 3 and which one would be the most value for money. Which one has the clearer sound both transmitting and receiving?

And what are the pro’s and cons of each one and the pro’s and cons of VOX and PTT.



All of the headsets that you mentioned have Motorola Talkabout connectors, and are not compatible with Uniden radio’s. Uniden’s radios use a proprietary connector (the same connector as their cordless phones) and there aren’t many headsets made for them, but we do offer a couple on our Uniden radio accessories page.

As far as VOX vs. PTT, I would recommend that you stick with PTT unless VOX is absolutely necessary. There are a few drawbacks to VOX, the primary one being a half second to a full second (depending upon sensitivity) delay from when you begin speaking until the radio starts transmitting. If you need to speak with people face to face while using VOX, you may need to be concerned about a conversation being transmitted that you didn’t intend to be. Also, VOX is bad in high noise environments, as loud background noise may cause the radio to stay in constant transmit mode.

If you are going to be constantly on the move while using the headset, I would typically recommend an earpiece that is small and lightweight with a lapel clip mic (such as the XLT EB200-MT or RocketScience Star-M6). These options are PTT only, however.

If you absolutely require VOX, the Motorola 56320 or the XLT HS150-MT would work, but may require some adjustment if you move around a lot. The HS150 would be more stable than the Motorola, as it has an adjustable frame to keep it in place, but it may be less comfortable.

I wouldn’t recommend the throat mic unless you are in a high noise environment where you need to eliminate background noise. They will require some adjustment from time to time and aren’t the most comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.