Headset for KG-UV8H?

I am looking for a headset for the KG-UV8H. I had bought a Heil HTH-K headset at HRO and all report my audio is low, and the audio on my side wants to remove the earwax, if you get my drift, even with volume all the way down.

Can anyone suggest a quality headset, preferably both ears, closed cell. I have been helping with parades in my area, and need to hear net control.

Thank you and 73,
Dave, KJ7WUZ/WRHW845

Fortunately, the KG-UV8H uses a standard Kenwood 2-pin (K1) connector, so headsets are not difficult to find. We carry several that would fit the bill, and one in particular covers both ears to block out external noise. I’ve used the HS500 at NASCAR races and it saved my hearing.

XLT HS125 Lightweight Headset (PTT / VOX)

XLT Medium Duty Lightweight Headset w/ PTT and Boom Microphone

XLT HS500 Heavy Duty Dual ■■■■ Headset with PTT and Mic