Having problems programming xpr3500e

I tried to program my xpr3500e with a channel that would communicate with the school that’s inside my building, they operate on analog uhf and have a “code 1 - 67mhz”, it also says “124”, which can be an octal suffix code, however, no matter what I try, I can’t make it work. The radio does transmit and receive (or ‘wake up’ when button is pressed), however, no voice is coming through, just weird scrambled sounds.

I tried a few pl/dpl combinations but, so far, unsuccessful. To add to confusion, even though the manual for those radios says it’s programmed with that code 1 - 67 mhz by default, if you go into advanced channel options it says that it transmits with it but doesn’t receive with that code.

Can anyone tell me how to match the programming of an analog channel from an rmu2040 (Motorola business cps) with an XPR3500E (cps 2.0)? I would have just copy/pasted the channels and/or zones but it’s not possible because they can’t be read with cps 2.0

All I need to know is how to translate “code 1 - 67mhz” from a consumer business radio to an XPR one.

Thank you!

PL 67.0 Hz (not MHz).

Sounds like they are using inverted voice scrambling, probably a good idea for a school. I don’t think your radio can do this, can it? If your radio lets you hear that, then it’s working. The test is to put a scanner on the channel and see what the radios sound like on that? If the scanner hears normal, then your radio is the culprit. The tones are the same. 67Hz is 67Hz.