Has 11m band for CB gotten better?

In one of the older posts from 2019-2020 one of the members made a comment about the 11M band being so bad due to the solar activity, etc. I was curious if this has improved, as I’m contemplating a CB radio…maybe with the newer FM feature.

The CB would complement the VHF/UHF mobile rig that I have for on-the-road communications. I’ve got a GMRS radio in the car, too. I’d thought about getting a Yaesu FT-891 to get the full HF band access, but the likelihood of me using 20, 40 or 80M bands while in a vehicle is really slim.

BUT…if no one is using CB due to the noise floor and all of the crazy users out there, maybe I’ll think it over.

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks

The solar cycle is on an upswing… this means the noise floor is going to get worse, and thousands of people will be looking to talk long distance. Local communications will by wiped out by long distance people and people using illegal amplifiers.

Thanks very much. I’m still learning the effects and timing of the solar cycles. Mostly relying on published info. I appreciate the feedback. I may still get a CB to hang onto, since radios are never going to drop in price.