Hand held cb radio

Breaker 19 breaker 19
Anyone got a copy on saturn7 here?
I got my self a cobra HH50WXST
Think of getting the telescoping antenna for it
to get out more.
I.miss the good old days of cb radio
Hope it be making come back since we
got this dam covid19 pandemmetic going
Every thing is so dam messed up with this

Yeah, you’ll need a longer antenna for a handheld CB to work. The short antenna wouldn’t be good for much, i’m afraid.

Thank for that information
I be buying a telescoping cb antenna for my hand held
This pandemmetic is out of control
Think the testing is done wrong
Covid19 testing should be DC one with electrone microscope and the n90 mask is garbage the best protection agaist covid19 is a OSHA approved full.face resperator mask

With the greatest respect to you folk stateside, the best protection against Covid would have been a President who listened to the experts.

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Well those mask you everyone wear are no good I wouldn’t feel safe wearing those cheap things ,I wear my OSHA full.face resperator mask
And thier test for covid19 with a pregnancy test method how half arms can they get
You want to mask up buy a full.face resperator mask and live

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