Ham license ouch

I understand you need a ham
Just chat on a ham radio
But a techy liecese to talk on a ham radio
A techy liecese should be only
for ham radio repairs
Geeerzzxx it was better to apply for
a fcc license to use a cb radio
I wish cb radio would come back
life was lot of fun back than.
It should come back due to this stupid pandemmetic thing.
Frankly speaking I am so sick.of hearing
About covid19 and covid this and that
I hate this whole stupid covid thing

CB isn’t dead it’s just that people have cell phones and find that more convenient nowadays. When it breaks you just buy another one. Same with all electronics today. It was a different era and generation back then.

Ham is a good start to learn about the gear you use, Take some practice test and find a club close by. If you enjoy radio then seek it out and make it happen if you sit around and wait then it may never happen. I just upgraded to a General and will be taking my advanced in the next few months. Learning and reading and being challenged is what makes it a great hobby. Yes you will meet some people that are not so friendly (mostly on the web) but everyone I have ever met in a club has been awesome.

What ever happened to reading
the rules and FCC policies like
Don’t use obscene language no
Threats broadcasted etc
Ham might but a techy liecese
Some of the things in the test
Might say if someone sat on your sandwich would you eat it
And my ham radio blew its flubber gasket God man make the liecese just basic

The Technician license is just basic. It is extremely easy, if you just study. You’ll have to work at it a little bit… don’t expect things to be handed to you.

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My wife works for the health service here in the UK, I can pass all her constant on-line tests with google and a bit of common sense!

I remember that you can talk skip on cb radios back than
Hand held ham radios are cheap now or at least affordable
But the liecese test need to be about the rules and regulations
And how to talk on ham radio not this nonsense and etc etc

I think if we are all honest, the differences are really just two things. First is how well people realise they need to conform to the rules - and which ones are vital and which aren’t, and the second is that now we are socially integrated and the old upper, middle and working class now has the new one at the bottom we cannot talk about - crossing into the wrong group is hard work.

When I say rules I mean things like how to stop talking and for somebody else to start. Every radio group has their own jargon - and to be accepted, you have to follow it. Since it started in the UK - CB had little special ways of doing it - years ago it was ‘come back’ - kind of an invitation to reply. Nobody said ‘over’ did they? On the ham bands ‘over’ was a bit formal unless the situation needed it - like a foreigner with very little conversational English - so ‘over’ works - locally, you’re more likely to get ‘back to you’. You adjust to the group you’re in. Sometimes with loads of people, they’d hand the mic over with ‘G8VVK and the group, G8ZYX’ - VVK would then start to speak, ZYX would shut up.

On marine band it gets silly. Those that do their version of the novice exam (and it is very similar) get mainly safety stuff and rules - and their weirdness is the requirement to repeat things three times - you get tested on this in the mayday bit - so you get here ‘Lowestoft Harbour Radio, Lowestoft Harbour Radio, Lowestoft Harbour Radio, this is motor cruiser Sirius, this is motor cruiser Sirius, this is motor cruiser Sirius, requesting permission to go into the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club, over’. Usually they simply get back ‘Sirius, this is Lowestoft, you have the lights, out’ Brevity. They usually ignore the ‘out’ and repeat the whole thing, adding in ‘we understand we have the lights to proceed, standing by on 14, over and out’. The professionals simply say "Lowestoft this is Two Daughters, can we have permission to come in to the Hamilton dock please, over’ They get the response ‘Two Daughters, Lowestoft, permission to go into the Hamilton, you have the lights’ - now that is NOT what the rule books says, but it works so much better.

If a ham talks on CB, then they need to talk in that band’s usual way. If a CB person uses a boat radio, he or she changes. The one I have trouble with from my learning to fly days (aborted - I was rubbish, but passed the radio) was the rigid rules on reading things back and having to write, while flying and listening at the same time. Even their simple rules about first contact having to be Golf Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta, then subsequently becoming Golf Charlie Delta, but remembering to do it in full on a frequency change and how to speak in a monotone - not a conversation voice. The aircraft radio module you have to do is not really that hard in content - there is no technical in it like marine - it’s purely to make sure you can be understood. I think even the modest amount of technical in the novice test is OK - but people who take it really need to consider what they don’t know that is in the other tests. It’s like the CBT 16 year olds take for a moped. It doesn’t prepare you for a car, and a car is hopeless prep for driving an HGV.

They say ham radios is for emergencies
But think what if a nuclear weapon goes off most everyone dead
You start trying make contact to the outside world in your shelter
No answer no.what you study so hard to get your liecese than you finally got your license no one answers

Note why call it ham radio when talk to othet.ham radio over the world just world radio

Ham radio is NOT for emergencies, but it can be used in emergencies like any radio system. The important thing, if you worry about nuclear bombs, is that you do rather need people who can solder, repair things and maybe, just maybe use morse code (remember Independence Day). Individuals struggle in emergencies - hams are a community with internal likes and dislikes, but on a day like today when people all over the world think about terrible things - I don’t know a single ham who would say no to request for help. They are also people - and in normal times I choose NOT to reply to idiots when I hear them call and call and call. I listen to them and decide I simply don’t like them. In an emergency, I couldn’t care what category of licence they have, or even if they had a licence. I’d use ANY radio I had to hand if it helped. I very rarely use marine band to chat - despite having two licences, my own private one and a business one. Today I heard two idiots practicing calling MAYDAY, on a channel that was quiet - but is a well used one during the week. Luckily it is Saturday. I was, to be honest a little miffed. I popped up and asked if they were really in distress and did they wish me to do a relay on channel 16. There was a silence then one said “we didn’t think anyone would hear us on low power - we’re just practicing!” I’d guessed anyway - but I think it sank in. every band has beginners, with or without licences and rules. America seems to have people very worried about the end of the world, who plan for it and get worried. Thank goodness it hasn’t spread here yet!

Study to get your licence and then be nice to people, and become one of the crowd. Join radio clubs, go to events - be one of them. If you are local, but are not sociable, or worse - you come across as a real pain in the ■■■ - nobody will talk to you. That’s life!

Note the movie the testament
A nuke goes off note a grandpa
Is a liecese ham operator ok
Grandpa tries contact for or information he keeps but no success why the rest of wo rut old ham license operators is dead later grandpa begain not feeling well than grandpa passes away from radiation sickness some far worse than covid19. Sad scene
In event of nuclear attack face it
Your on your own good luck

I’m sorry but I’m not sure if you’re asking questions or writing song lyrics. Maybe it’s because I’m a brit, but I just don’t really understand so much of what you’re saying now?

Basically speaking the grandpa in the movie called the testament was a ham radio operator
He couldn’t reach other ham radio stations out after the nuclear attack

Well - in a way that’s quite possible. Airburst weapons destroy electronics with EMP. How far out, who knows? People used to talk of wrapping their emergency radios in aluminium foil and hoping that worked - it probably would. If my radio had been nuked by EMP, I suspect I’d be more worried about other things than using the radio.

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Nuclear attack stories are fictional. It hasn’t happened anywhere since 1945. Movies are fiction. Who knows what will actually happen if such a thing occurs? However, ham radios are used every day for emergencies. It’s called ham because it’s only for amateur use, not commercial. Back in the day, “ham” referred to telegraph operators who did not have professional grade skills.

The training to get the liecese seem more like professional radio
Why not just fill out an application for liecese
Besides murs 2 other radios GMR FMR
Oh wait you need liecese for those 2 also
At least back than I filled out a application liecese to talk on my cb radio

No idea what you mean? Telegraph operators were never called hams? Certainly not how I remember history. Telegraph operators didn’t even use the same version of Morse as the radio operators did. In the pioneering days of radio, so much was invented and developed my hams who had no choice but to build their radios. I read a magazine called practical wireless and built things in it and learned so much I went to college to learn electronics with a career in radio in mind. Passed, got a job and discovered fixing radios and audio was so boring as a job. Amateurs did radio for fun. A hobby! I doubt sending telegrams for a job was very exciting. Radio is very different.

Do you mean GMRS and FRS? If so, only GMRS requires a license. FRS is licensed by rule, just like MURS and CB.

Cb radio used be licensed they don’t any more a smartphone cb app does not turn a smartphone into a cb radio how could smartphones replace cb radio
My MURS radio has gone blank I thought with this covid19 dam pandemmetic you think cb and MURS be busy.

Not how you remember history? If you would like to provide some documented research to contradict the well-established origin of the term “ham operator”, feel free to submit it as an edit to the wikipedia article on the topic. Which code they may have used is entirely irrelevant. I got a digital electronics degree but my ham license only 40 years later so I could legally operate several experimental stations in 223MHz.

That’s wonderful. You can also find wiki info about ham-fisted being a term tacked on to amateurish operation. Wiki is often context led. Ham as in amateur is different from ham as a derogatory term for a poor performer, and is the same as a ham actor. Marine telegraphist were frequently hams. Same skill set and plenty of boating work time.