Ham license and what with the technical?

Why can’t the fcc give out a basic talk
and transmit liecese?
Why with this tech thing?
Seriously just a talk and transmit
liecese is all I ever need and the test
made easy like you going for cb liecese.
My God you need a talk and transmit liecese
so you can socialize on the air.
If you want to open a radio ham shop
Than get technical FCC license


Because as a ham you have huge scope to cause problems with the range of frequencies, powers and modes. If you want to just chat with no knowledge, the you have CB and two others, as you have in most countries now for LOCAL chat.if you want to have access to more people with common interests over the whole world maybe, then there are international rules to follow, and technical knowledge, even at the very low level, which is not hard to do, is something that impacts on more users. Why have a driving licence if you only drive to the shops in a small town with no traffic? Because it’s it not just you, thee are other people to protect. Put some effort in, learn the small amount you need to learn for the basic entry level licence and grow a little?


Ok sounds like customs.
Right now I listen to you hams on my scanner.

But your right
Right now i.know some FCC rules

Not many people local wise on MURS and cb not many people on that truckers not much on channel 19

It’s like everyone is dead on the air. Kind of strange like coming out of fall.out shelter and trying contact on radio but the no.one answer because your the only one that survived after a nuclear attack the same goes for ham radio operators


Ha! If you live in the cities you are lucky to find silence anywhere. I sell loads of 4m ham gear. 70MHz with a handful of channels. In some parts of our tiny country it’s really busy and loads of chat. Where I live, nothing at all. If you live somewhere radio quiet then it’s radio quiet on all bands, so that’s when you take a test and do HF. The test has always been a gatekeeper to a large degree, which people with the entry ticket like and people without the ticket object to. That’s life!

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They have what you’re looking for. It’s called GMRS. Check it out.

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You still need a FCC liecese for GMRS yet not as simple as if your getting a fcc license for cb radio

On the contrary, Saturn7, It’s VERY easy to get an FCC license for the GMRS. There is NO studying of complicated technical theory, NO test, none of the things you’ve said many times that you don’t like. All you have to do is fill out application form 605, which is basically just your name and address, pay the license fee, and you have a license. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Ham radio is intended for hobby building and experimentation, which is why the tech stuff is required. The experimental side involves a lot of care to avoid interfering with others and can even be somewhat dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so you NEED to know some of that stuff. Since you don’t want to jump through all those hoops just to talk on the radio, obviously ham radio is not the service for you.

You’ve stated more than once that you aren’t interested in all the technical stuff that comes with getting a ham license, all you want is to get on the air and socialize. Well, like CB radio, GMRS is the perfect radio service for that. And, unlike CB, GMRS allows you to talk on repeaters, and it is growing, which means more people are getting on the air. There is a lot to like about GMRS, so it’s at least worth considering.

That may very well be the radio service you’ve been searching for.


Ok check into it next month DC does liecese application comes we with radio and how much is liecese fee is

Even though I am in England, I managed to navigate to the FCC site and the application is simple and there is a section on the payments. You seem to want the world, and not be prepared to do anything yourself. If you get your GMRS licence, perhaps you might want to consider if maybe this shows in your conversations? Radio is a two person hobby, and it needs the person on the other end. Ham, CB or any radio system requires people to work at it. You seem to want everyone else to do the work. Maybe I am wrong? However - everything you post is lop-sided. Why am I, thousands of miles away Googling YOUR government site for information at your finger tips? That says a lot doesn’t it?

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license fee is $70 for 10 years and no application comes with the radio. It is all done online at the FCC ULS website.

Ok so long how it takes to get GMRS liecese

Fill out the form on-line, make your payment and you will normally have your license in 3-5 business days. Mine took 2 days.

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I think the main take a way here is, is there someone you want communicate with on the same equipment?
I wasn’t sure about ham radio until I started getting involved with local groups.
All activity varies by region and country. GMRS is hot in some areas and silent in others.
There is a lot of local talk on CB here in Western NC, USA. Not so much on GMRS, or 2 meter other than nets.
You need to explore your local area to find your place to settle in.
Kelly- KO4TNO/WRMS638

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You must be a legal resident with a real address. That and 70 dollars and you and your family are legal.

The FCC just dropped the fee to $35 for 10 years!

Good call - and some people will now campaign saying even that is too expensive. I just found a YouTube video for the model train folks - still a very popular hobby, and fell over at the prices of the trains, wagons and other stuff - it makes radio as a hobby look dirt cheap!