Hallo, new member here

Good day,

I am new to this forum and am from South Africa.

I have been a radio amateur since early 2000 but hoping to share some experiences and also learn here from more experienced members.

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Hi Swartkat, welcome to the forum!

Thank you Rick.

This morning I chucked out an RTS (15Watt) Vhf mobile from the wife’s car and dug up an oldish Kenwood TK271 ham radio gathering dust and installed it in the RTS’s place.

This beauty packs a whopping 60Watt of transmit power. Cant wait to put it through its paces today.

Does this forum perhaps have a classified section or swop shop where members can sell or trade unwanted radio and related equipment?

No. As stated in our FAQ and Forum Rules, the Two Way Radio Forum is owned and operated by a two way radio dealer. Soliciting products for sale directly competes with our site, so a buy, sale and trade area does not exist.

No Soliciting

The Two Way Radio Forum is operated by the management and staff of Buy Two Way Radios. You may not list products that you have for sale or trade. You may not post links to the web sites of competitors that sell similar products.

Thank you for advising. Still finding my feet here.

Who is the owner of the forum so I can get in touch with him?

As previous mentioned, the forum is owned by BuyTwoWayRadios.com. We are an internet retailer of two way radios based in Rock Hill, SC., and I am the forum administrator. Is there anything specific I can assist you with?

I am looking at 1, maybe 2 VHF Kenwood commercial units. But pre-owned if you possibly have.

Something like TK7102 or 7302

We do carry a selection of Kenwood business radios on our site. We are based in the US and only carry those models that are authorized for business or commercial use in our region. Although we have offered reconditioned Kenwood radios from time to time in the past, they were factory authorized from the manufacturer under a special arrangement and were only available for a limited time. Our primary focus is on new radios with manufacturer warranties.

Thank you,

So if I were to purchase from you, these radios may not necessarily work/be fit for use in South Africa.

Sigh, the search continues. Second hand units have become increasingly scarce here for some reason.

Hello and greetings from California (USA) or what’s left of it. I have family in SA and Zim (Rhodesia) to us. LOL!