GXT950 do not communicate with each other but do with other radios?

Second year I will be using these radios…last year worked wonderful. This year not sure what I did, But the pair will not communicate with each other. If I use one of my old radios with the Gxt950 they communicate just fine…Any Ideas?:eek:

Me again…let me just add that all settings seem to be the same on each radio (GXT950)

Next year I will be using these radios.

Tell me the exact settings on each radio please. Channel number and privacy code used. I will be glad to try and help.

Well lets start out simple…I have each radio set on channel 1 and it has a small capital H above and to the right of it…and the battery meter that is all I have showing on each screen.

Try switching your Midlands to channel 42 on each of them and see if they communicate then.

nothing…there is no sound what so ever…yes the volume is up. I get the static if I hit the Monitor button. Is there some kind of factory reset?
The radios do work with other radios just not the pair themselves.
I really appreciate you trying to help!! Hope We can figure this out!