GXT900 requires GMRS lic for Emergency Channel?!

I am new to two way radios and I am trying to understand the issues involved. I have found lots of valuable information in this forum, and I hope someone can resolve the conflicting data I found for the Midland GXT900.

As far as I know, the FCC ID for the Midland GXT900 is MMAGXT950 which has received a grant (Rule 95B) to operate in the frequency range from 462.5625 to 467.7125 (which spans Channel 1 through Channel 14) at a power output of 0.42 W (which is less than 0.5 W). According to this info everyone without a GMRS license would be allowed to use Channels 1 to 14. I got this info from this link:


after entering “MMA” for Grantee and “GXT950” for Product Code.

The Manual however states:

You must be licensed prior to operating on channels 1-7 or 15-22 which comprise the GMRS channels of the GTX900/950 Series.

On your ecommerce site


it states again:

7 Shared FRS/GMRS Channels

suggesting they could be operated as both FRS and GMRS channels.

Which is right? Can channels 1-7 be operated as FRS channels in Low Power mode? If these channels are GMRS-Only channels why are they listed as “Shared” and why did Midland get a 95B grant for the whole frequency spectrum including channels 1-7?

I AM CONFUSED :frowning:

Could anyone please clarify?

Channels 1-7 in low power mode (under .5 watts) are FRS. You do not need a GMRS license for that. This chart may help a bit: http://www.buytwowayradios.com/blog/2006/07/frs_and_gmrs_frequencies.aspx

We have no idea why the Midland manual is stating otherwise. Hope this helps.

I guess the question really is if the GXT900 in low power mode emits less than 0.5 W. I did not find any info regarding the emitted power in the different power modes for this unit.

The only thing I do know is that Midland requested and received a grant to operate Channels 1-14 with 0.42 W in FRS mode. Am I (and the sellers of this unit) legally on safe ground assuming that the GXT900 operates in Channel 1-7 with power set to “Low” in FRS mode even though the grant is conditional on the power restriction (which I cannot verify)?

As long as you are in low power mode for 1-7 they are FRS and you are fine.

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IF a radio has part 95B approval on channels 1-7, then you can use the radio… on low power, without a license.

If a radio does NOT have part 95b approval, then you cannot.

YES, some FRS/GMRS radios do not have approval on 1-7…

The ones you have are fine though.

It is sad you have to research an FCC ID to make sure you are operating legally.

No… you must set it to low, since “channel 1” is also a GMRS frequency, you have the option to select power… only 8-14 are low powr only as they are FRS only channels.