GXT850 Charger model number.

I have 2 GXT850s that I need a charger for . Does anyone know what is the model number of the charger that will work with these ? Does anyone have a usable charger they don’t need ?

The GXT850 takes the AVP-7 battery pack, which is also used by the GXT1050, which replaced the GXT850 about five years ago. The mic jack on the GXT850 is also a charge jack. The Midland LXADP Dual Adapter AC Charger used by the LXT Series radios can be used to plug into this jack on the GXT Series radios to trickle charge the battery pack, and it will probably work for the GXT850 as well.

It is possible the GXT850 could fit into the Midland 18CVP8 Dual Desktop Charger for the GXT1050, however it’s been several years since we’ve had one around so I am currently unable to confirm this.

There is a Midland 18CVP6 Rev-B desktop charger for sale on eBay but I take it it’s not what I need. I’ll look around for the Midland LXADP Dual Adapter AC Charger.

    Thanks for the info.

I know this post is a few weeks old, but I just needed to say there is another way to go. Once the batteries go south or the charger goes missing for consumer grade radios it is better to recycle what is left. The chargers that come with radios are dumb chargers that either work on a timer, or more likely charge forever if you leave the units in. Sooner than later the batteries are cooked. I would buy a few packs of Sanyo Eneloop or Duracell precharged NiMh batteries and a LaCrosse bc700 smart charger. The Midland charging port charger that Rick S posted would be good too for charging your NiMh in the radio when you are away from your smart charger. I don’t use alkalines anymore in anything that requires batteries stored in them even for a few days. I have had many Energizer leak even when new.