GXT1000 speaker isnt working

A few years ago my Aunt gave me a set of two GXT1000 two way radios. The speakers are completely silent on both of them. It says I am receiving a signal but nothing plays at all. Help!!

Hi Thomas, welcome to the forum!

There are several possible reasons why you may receive the signal and not hear anything. To pinpoint the cause of the issue, we first need more information.

  1. Are you sending and receiving between the two GXT1000 radios, or is there another radio involved as well?
  2. If there is another radio, what is the make and model?
    3.If the issue is between the two radios, are both on the same channel?
  3. Is there a CTCSS tone or DCS code (also known as a privacy code) assigned to one or both of the radios on that channel?
  4. If so, is it the same tone or code?
  5. Are the radios right next to each other during transmit, or are they spread apart?
  6. If it is the latter, what is the distance between them?
  7. Are you using the supplied rechargeable battery packs or alkaline batteries?
  8. If they are the rechargeable battery packs, are they fully charged?
  9. Did the speakers on the radios work when you first received the radios?
  10. When you first turn the radios on, do they emit a startup sound?
  11. When you access the menus on the radios, do they emit button beeps?

Thank you for your response, we are trying to fix these to use on a farm, but we are having issues.
Hope my responses can help you narrow down my issue, best regards - Thomas.

  1. They are both the same model.
  2. n/a
  3. Nope, they are both on the same settings.
  4. n/a
  5. They are next to each other
  6. n/a
  7. alkaline batteries (came with them)
  8. n/a
  9. No they didn’t
  10. no start up sound when they are turned on
  11. no button beeps when pressing buttons.

All the answers suggest one of two things. They are faulty, but that is unlikely, or they’ve been fiddled with. I tend to suspect that, but it means two identical fiddles. Try plugging in a pair of headphones and see if the plug goes in all the way. If somebody jammed in a plug and the tip broke off, then that disconnects the speaker. If some idiot did it on both, that would make them silent. If the plug goes in all way, try the headphones and see if they make a noise.

I’ll do this tomorrow evening, will let you know my results.

Cheers, Thomas.