!!!gxt-800 Problem!!! Need Help!!!

I purchased the radios to take on a Canadian wilderness adventure. They worked excellent. A buddy of mine bought the camo version and we were the only two guys who never got out of contact during our portaging and lake hopping. I have used them a few times since then but tonight I used them on a trip with some friends and when i turned one of them on i keyed it up and when I released the ptt button the radio resets and the initial turn on tone plays everytime you key up the radio and release the ptt. The radios still worked great but that one radio is acting up… Is it shorted out or do I have a defective radio? Your input is much appreciated.:smiley:

You may have the “roger beep” on. It’s an end of transmission tone. You can turn it off from the menu. It’s like the 7th keypress of the menu button. The symbol is “rb”. If it says “rb on” then that’s your problem. You can turn it on or off.

thanks for the input, but,… the radio completely turns off after the ptt is released and then comes back on. the radio roger beeps: turns off: and then turns back on: and i am talking turns completely off the screen and everything turns off. i have no clue. but i tried turning off the rb and it still does it…

Hmmmm…sorry… you may have a bad radio then… it happens. I hoped my suggestion would have helped.