GTX1000 recharging through mic/chg port

Picked up used GTX1000 on ebay and plugged in the wall charger to the mic/chg port … after 12 hours, radio was still not charged … no indicator light for charging? Voltmeter test confirms wall charger output is correct and flowing … any thoughts from GTX1000 user? Thanks

If I read this correctly, you have an AC wall charger that plugs into the mic-chg port directly. There are several possible reasons why the radio is not charging, so let’s narrow them down with a few questions.

  • Is it a Midland branded wall charger with dual adapters?
  • What is the model number of the wall charger?
  • What battery pack is in the radio?
  • Was the GXT1000 purchased used in a 2 pack, or is it just the single radio?
  • Did you also receive a drop-in desktop charger with the radio?
  • If so, does it charge the radio?
  • Did you test the radio with alkaline batteries to be sure it powers on?

Hi Rick,
Thanks for the follow up Qs - bought the radio off ebay with battery BATT-5 R already installed - no desk charger or cords. Radio powered on worked for several hours with no problem. Unable to find Midland wall charger for sale, purchased generic on amazon (9v output at 1000ma). Radio screen comes on momentarily when charger is plugged into side port, and after 12 hours, shows full charge, but only works for 5 mins before low battery warning. Ordered a desktop charger stand three days ago, hoping it will work. Do you know the specs for the midland wall charger output? TIA.

Okay, that’s exactly the info I needed. Based on what you said, the most likely cause of the issue is the battery pack.

If the battery shows a full charge but drains too quickly when transmitting, it is a clear indicator that the BATT-5R can no longer sufficiently hold the charge and has reached its end of life.

The BATT-5R is a NiMH battery pack and works well for these radios, however, like any rechargeable, it has a limited life span, which can average three to five years, depending on how well it’s managed.

I own the GXT1050, which is the camo version of this radio. My batteries lasted nearly five years before they started giving out on me. Fortunately, the batteries are inexpensive and are easily available, as they are used in multiple Midland products. They are sold by Midland as the AVP-7, which is a set of two BATT-5R battery packs.

As for the charger, the official adapter for these radios is the Midland LXADP Dual Adapter AC Charger. The specs are listed on the page in the link. Basically, the output is 9VDC, 150mA. Although now discontinued, it can still be purchased as part of some Midland LXT models.

I would highly discourage the use of third party or “universal” chargers for use with the plug in mic/chg ports on these radios. Even if the output voltage and amperage can be matched, the pinouts may not, especially when plugged into a proprietary, dual purpose port like this.

A new battery pack and a drop-in desktop charger specifically designed for the Midland GXT1000 would most likely resolve the issue.

Thank you Rick

The owners manual says that it can also be charged through the mic/chg port. What charger or adapter is used for this?

The accessory you are searching for is the Midland LXADP.

Thanks Rick. Do they make a car charger by any chance. I’d like to leave one in my truck.

A DC vehicle charging adapter is included with the GXT1000VP4 package, but it is for the dual desktop charger and it does not plug directly into the radios.

The volt meter across the supply indicates there is a voltage there, it doesn’t indicate current is flowing - for that you need to see current - so you need to measure the current the radio is drawing with an in-line, (series) meter on the amps setting, not a parallel meter on Volts. This involves a bit of fiddling of course.