GT-5R WELCOME message don’t show up

Hello everyone.

Yesterday I was programming my GT5-R with CHIRP and all good, so in the ends i wanted to change the Welcome message to a custom message, now when I turn on the Radio I don’t have any WELCOME message, it goes straight to memory mode. Tried several times on both of my GT5Rs but they both lost the message. Any idea???:man_shrugging:t3:

Struggling to recall the specifics of the model but I think there’s a toggle for welcome message on/off. You should be able to see that in the menu settings, just make sure it’s on. I think I recall that, if you wanna change the default one, you need to use the programming software. But, make sue that displaying it is set to on.

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Yeah, thanks for you replay.
For some reason the option 38 changed from MSG to FULL after programming my radio with CHIRP. :+1:
To see the WELCOME or whatever custom massage when the radio turn on, the option 38 has to be in MSG.