green light!

Hello all,
can anyone tell me why just one of my TK 3200 radios constantly blinks agreen light?
radios seem to be working fine…Thanks,

The flashing green light means that the radio is in Scan mode. To take it out of scan mode, just press the bottom button on the side of the radio.


Thanks Danny,
I tried pushing both the lock key and the scan key but it still continues to blink.

A flashing green light indicates that you are in scan mode. If pressing the scan key doesn’t stop it, then the radio is likely in Super Lock mode. Super Lock disables some of the keys so that functions cannot accidentally be changed. To disable Super Lock: with the radio power off, hold down the Scan key for two seconds while turning the power on. When the light flashes orange, you can release the Scan key.

After turning off Super Lock, you should be able to turn off Scan mode by just pressing the Scan key.

Hope this helps.


thanks Danny,
That worked, Thanks for you help and the Manual!
Like I said earlier these radios wher a gift, should I perform an all reset mode function?
Right now I can transmit and receive on channel 8 only.
Thanks again, Mike

If you are only able to transmit/receive on channel 8, the channels or QT codes have likely been changed from their defaults. It sounds like a reset may be best option.