great to have another radio themed forum

I have been interested in Radio communications since 1960.
As a kid I mowed lawns and had a paper route, a neighbor lady asked my mother if I would mow their lawn. As I was mowing their lawn I noticed they had a boy my age watching from the window of the house. I was curious why if they had boy I was mowing their yard.
My mother told me that he had health problems and could not do the grass cutting. She also told me that the boys mother had mentioned that he did not have a lot of friends since he could not get out and play with the kids in the neighborhood and mentioned it would be nice if someone would come in and keep him company. I went down and introduced myself to him. Turns out that he was a ham operator and he showed me his rig and antenna system. That peaked my interest. I started attending the local amateur radio club meetings and took my code test…unfortunately when my parents found out how much radio equipment (and in those days it would have been heath kit) cost, they nixed the idea and i did not take the written test and get my license.
It was many years later, after vietnam, and raising my kids that I finally got the license and took up the hobby. I have been licensed now for 20 years or so and found this forum when I was looking for a dual band rig capable of crossbanding to put in my office.

Hi Obed, welcome to the forums!