Great Service

This is my first purchase from two way radio as I don’t like to shop on line. I was impressed with the excellent service the radio actually arrived a day ahead of schedule. The customer service person was very cheerful and helpful.
I purchased the Midland GTX 5000 for emergency communications. I am a Community Emergency Response team volunteer. I have ham radios but our search and rescue and medical response teams use FRS/GMRS radios for short range communications.(urban/suburban environment). As a team leader I need a reliable, sturdy radio. The GTX5000 fills that bill. I bought from Two Way Radio on the recommendation of a fellow CERT member who has a GTX5000.
He bought the radio, speaker mike and spare battery from them. Both of us highly recommend Two Way.

If you are serious about Emergency Communications think about the conditions you might have to use the radio under. The GTX5000 is built to military specifications. Can that be said about plastic case radios?