Great Products! Great Prices! Amazing Service!!!

I am usually not one to write a review or testimonial, but as a fireman and radio enthusiast I decided to add to my collection. I was looking for a new radio to use with my local fire company on and off scene, ya know, just any standard business radio. I actually found the radio I purchased though the BuyTwoWayRadios YouTube page on one of their videos. I view a very detailed video showing all features of this radio ( the vx 260 series) and then proceeded to their website to look around a bit more before making my purchase. I saw the INCREDIBLE selection of radios to fit anyone’s needs! I saw TOP BRAND radios for low prices all with FANTASTIC features! I thought that was great, but it gets WAY BETTER!!! I expected a small fee to program my radio before shipment but it was FREE! I was very pleased when I saw that. I purchased my radio and then sent in my frequencies. I actually forgot to send my PL tones at first and the gentleman helping me pointed it out to me, which made me feel very secure about my purchase as I could tell the company puts their customers first as he was making.sure everything was correct before sending everything to the programmer. I actually ended up changing my PL tones about 2 or 3 times and I added another frequency in one of the revisions. I thought I had been a bit confusing making various changes but the gentleman helping me assured me everything came through clear and then he sent it to the programmer. I was ABSOLUTELY PLEASED with the service! I then received my radio within 2 days and have been incredibly happy with it!!! Everything from purchasing the radio to the service and support was PERFECT!!! They made everything effortless for me just as any good company should!!! I am very proud to say I have joined the BuyTwoWayRadios community!!!