Great Praise for Two WAy Process

Hi… I am Mr. D and new today. Placed an order for Midland radios for the grand kids. My order was held up by Two Way because I used a distant “drop ship” address. Two Way wanted such specific additional info from me (including my pic) via email that I was afraid that I was being scammed! Thanks to a very knowledgeable and polite internet tech (Rob) we were able to work thru his security process and my radios are on the way to my son’s house in another state for Christmas. Two Way actually has red flags in place in their process to thwart scammers and fraud that costs all of us extra $$. I applaud Rob and Two Way for taking action in our best interest! Now I look forward to a successful delivery and product operation check from my son in the coming weeks ahead. Will let you all know how it turns out.