Gp340 help wanted range/antenna increase!

Hi all.

I have some GP340ā€™s that I would like to increase the range on.
Forgive me, but I know NOTHING at all about radios/frequencies etc etc

What antennas do you recommended I can buy to increase my range on these?

I understand the concept/difference of being in a urban/built up area VS a open field with clear line of sight.
At this moment of time I am getting 1km range but I would like to get this to 2-3km, more if possible.

Thank you all

To be honest, Motorolas rarely allow alternative antennas apart from replacing super short with 1/4wave types. Doubling range is a very unlikely thing Iā€™m afraid. You could modify the radio to fit a proper coaxial connector and then try the so called Hi Gain antennas but my experience is they make crazy claims for performance. What you have is a well matched antenna. If you could get better range, Motorola would probably have already done it.

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