Good walkie talkie for up to $30?


Could anyone recommend a walkie talkie (with say 14-30 mile theoretical range) for under $30?

I was looking at the Midland LXT series (14 miles) and the ALR260 (22 miles), But am torn between them and the Cobra CXT-85 which claims a 16 mile range but seems to be a better radio from reviews on other sides.

The radio is intended for use within a 6 mile range, in both rural and urban settings, with a fairly clear line-of-sight.

Great site with plenty of useful info, I’m glad I found it and hope you can give me some good advice as I’m on a very tight budget.

Not gonna happen. Sorry. all the mileage figures you see are nothing more than marketing hype.

You would need a repeater system between you and the place you want to communicate with. Direct point to point handheld communication will rarely exceed 2 miles.