Good morning

Good day everybody, I’m Nathan. I’ve been fascinated by all things radio for years but have never really got into it. I’ve been tinkering with some Baofeng handhelds that I use hunting, and just ordered a Midland mobile unit for the UTV. I’m hoping to spend some more time on here and hopefully find some material that would be useful in helping me better understand mobile repeaters and how to use them. GMRS is a little less flexible here in Canada in terms of power output, etc but it’s strictly complaint-based enforcement. I’m looking to increase range for safety purposes in some very, very remote areas of the Canadian wilderness. Additionally, I also don’t rule out looking into HAM down the road and I’ve tinkered with radio astronomy a bit in the past, listening to pulsars. At work, I’ve just acquired a UAV for inspections of structures at heights and in places where safe access is an issue and am presently going through the process to get my ROC-A (aviation radio license) as a lot of our work is in restricted airspace and comms with traffic control will be required.