GMRS vs Trisquare 300's

Hi everyone

New to this awesome site. From the folks reviewing these items (a new GMRS and the trisquare 300), is the transmission range about the same. I’m not sure if the reviewers were trying to say the Trisquare TSX300’s transmitted about the same range as an FRS or the same range as a GMRS (ie the Cobra LI7200). We use our radios for cruise ships/motorcyclingm malls etc…

Appreciate any feedback


The LI7200s definitely beat the TSX300s in my test and reviews under the same conditions.

As far as other radios I’ve reviewed, the TSX300s performed about the same.

It is really hit or miss.

I alternate between the two to collect data. I want to REALLY see the “real deal”

On my las trip to Las Vegas, I have seen more than one group with eXRS. I hope it is getting a lot of interest. It is effective.

Generally UHF will out performe VHF in bouncy enclosed spaces. 900mhz should bounce like crazy in malls and ships. VHF will have the advantage in the outdoors particularly in foliage and wet undergrowth.

The upside about the TSX-300 is the security. With 10 billion channels, I do not see anyone getting into your conversation. I have a set of TSX-300s and a set of Cobra Li-7500s. The range is about the same within city limits. I imagine that the range on both would increase if one was out in the open, but the TSX-300 has more features. I like the text messaging, very useful for situations when a voice is not appropriate, or unable to be heard.