Gmrs need advice

I want to buy 3 business radios 5watts (portables) and have them programed for Gmrs I can’t decide between the Kenwood Tk-3402-u16p and the vertex Vx-451-G7. Besides Kenwood has 16ch vs vertex 32 ch. What are the pros and cons? Also looking for a mobile radio to travel with ( Field Programmable) so we can put in frequency and tones as needed… Any thoughts on the vertex VX 2200? is a very useful site just discovered it on Thanksgiving. Thank you for your help


If it helps, I have quite a few VHF and UHF Kenwood portables, and they are pretty tough, pretty resilient to breakage and my clients like them. Can’t comment on the others as I’ve never tried them.

FPP radios are likely not legal on GMRS.

Anyhow… the 32 channel models would allow you to program in more combinations of frequencies/pl tones.