GMRS Licensing

For the UNEDUCATED like myself.
I have been using a GMRS frequency at races and while off roading for a couple of years now and have even setup friends radios to match mine with out knowing that I was operating illeagly.

Recently I purchased a new radio and while doing the research started reading a little more about FRS and GMRS and found that I was operating illeagly… DUH! Well DUH! doesn’t get it. It is up to the individual user to know this law. Even though the radios with this feature are sold without much warning.

Anyway it is fairly inexpensive to get a FCC GMRS license.
Just go to and apply.

Off of my soapbox and I have a question.
What is the maximum watt output for GMRS? If I have interpreted the FCC laws correctly it is 50 watts. My current mobile radio that I have programmed for GMRS use is 25 watts and I am looking at a 50 watt model.