GMRS Highway Channel

He causes me to have belly laughs with his sarcasm!

What’s the purpose of using the CTCSS tone if you want to have an open channel?

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to stop the local chit chat being heard - only people using the calling channel will be heard, and not the local kids, shops or club groups who will transmit on any empty channel

…and you’d be wrong. Many repeaters traditionally have the “travel tone” set and on “channel 20”

As others have mentioned Ch 20 is the defacto nationwide calling frequency for GMRS… The reason Ch 19 would not work is because it’s use is prohibited within a certain proximity to the Canadian border.

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Only that its not CB its GMRS and not HAM so…I am good with 19 only that GMRS is closer to modern CB than Ham.

From Lexington,Tn. WSBN351 or KQ4SPY–Keep’em straight there in Memphis. Thats where all my family is from. I grew up going to family reunions there. Lived there from 2009 to 2012 as a truck driver. Always liked talking on CB’s thats why i like Ham and GMRS,

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Would I put the pl tone for the travel channel on tx or rx??? Thanks in advance!

I would put the tone on TX only. That way your transmission would be heard by folks listening on that 20 with tone but you would be able to hear any traffic on 20. YMMV