GMRS for hunting/outdoors

Serveral family members and I go out in the boonies for some hunting, fishing and ATV riding for a couple of weeks every year.

I would like several handhelds and maybe a base camp radio.

Willing to pay for quality and performance - What is the best solution (looking for range in the hilly outdoors and ability to withstand rough and often wet conditions).

Is a high powered UHF radio that can be programmed for GMRS the best solution?

Edit: after doing some searches and reading other posts… it seems that a VHF radio is the better choice for outdoors and that a MURS channel would work and not require a license. Thoughts / Suggesitons?


No response? I also sent an email from the buytwowayradios site and no response there either…hmmmm

you pretty much answered your own question. GMRS requires a license. Murs does not. VHF is better in the woods, where UHF is better in urban areas.

Heck, I am still confused and not sure which models would work best.

Murs VHF better in the woods, but limited power (2) - I already have a GMRS lic. so that is not an issue and I could use a more powerful GMRS (2 vs 5 watts if I understand correctly).

I would still like to hear some pros and cons as well as some model suggestions!

A high quality 4-5 watt GMRS radio will perform similarly to a 2 watt MURS radio outdoors, and will perform much better in an urban environment around and inside of buildings.

For GMRS, my recommendation is the Kenwood TK3202L. This is a high powered 16 channel radio, so there is room for all of the GMRS freqs. It also has a lithium battery, so battery life isn’t an issue like it typically is with higher powered radios. This is a heavy duty radio that was designed for business use, so it is made to withstand abuse. It also happens to be fully programmable and fall within the GMRS specifications, so it is my favorite radio for high powered GMRS.