GM-15pro won’t transmit

I have both a Baofeng GM-15Pro and a UV-5R handheld. I am able to transmit from the UV-5R to the GM-15 , but not visa versa. Are these 2 radios compatible with each other?
Are there settings I need to change on either or both radios to get them to work together?

Are you transmitting on a GMRS frequency? The GM-15 will not TX outside of GMRS.

Is there a ctcss tone set on the UV5r?

Transmitting on 462.562
R-CTCS set to off

See if a different receiver will pick up the GM or see if the U will receive from a different radio. That narrows down the problem to a specific radio.

I will probably just return the radio and figure out something else. Thanks for your time

FRS channel 1 is exactly 462.5625 Mhz… 462.5620 might be locked on GM-15Pro

Is it brand new? Might be factory locked… The last baofeng I bought I had to hold a couple of buttons while turning it on to unlock broadcasting on HAM frequencies.