GEO f-6 receiving but no sound.

hi, im new to this site and this is my first thread.

i have 2 way radio used to work perfectly, and i haven’t used them for about 3 years, today i needed them so much and i recharged them and everything was fine, until i turn them both on, one worked like a charm and the other one just gave me a green light with no sound.

i fixed it by removing the cover and connecting the speaker wires back to the board, and i fixed the antenna wire which it cut to half while removing the board, so now i have sound and when i click on the speaking button it gives me a green light on the other radio ( the one that works perfectly ) and i hear nothing, so i clicked on ( the one that works perfectly ) it gives me a green light on the ( recently fixed radio ) with no sound either, the radio that works with no issues gives a red light on the top which means its transmitting with no problems, the other one used to do that, but now i have no red light, no sound, and no transmission.

so i have 2 radios now, ONE WORKS LIKE A GOLD, the other one HAVE A RED LIGHT ISSUE (it used to light red on top when i transmit, now no red light), GREEN LIGHT ISSUE WHICH MEAN IT RECEIVES BUT NO SOUND.

any help would be great, thank u in advance. :):):slight_smile:

This radio seems to be custom manufactured and branded for a company based in Germany that specializes in equipment for surveyors in Europe. You may need to contact the company directly for information or support for this radio.