Garmin Rino Base Station

Garmin Rino
I have owned each Rino model, and have always looked forward to Garmin’s innovative improvements on each model. I was particularly excited to see BaseStation. I have tested it and have come to the conclusion that it’s functionality is limited because of reliance on the attached antenna on the 655t unit. First, what a waste of a perfectly good field unit that must remain attached to the computer. Garmin needs to develop a base unit that attaches to your computer and frees up the portables. This base unit needs to have a FRS antenna attached for communication at one half watt on the FRS channels 8-14, complying with FCC regulations. The unit needs to have a UHF socket for attaching an external antenna for 5 watt transmissions on channels 1 through 7. The base unit should be able to transmit using 25 watts on the 8 GMRS only channels, 15 through 22. These specifications would allow the Garmin Base Station to become a serious tool for hunting, search and rescue, and many other uses. Most users complain of the limited range when using the radio. A unit designed around the use of an external antenna would eliminate much of the criticism. Midland just developed the MXT100 mobile/base GMRS only unit which takes advantage of an external antenna.