Full Duplex Recommendations

I’m looking for a full duplex radio set to just communicate between 2 radios. The radios need to communicate without delay through a ship from top deck to bottom deck. I assume I would need a uhf, is this possible? Right now we use a 30 yr old cabled system, looking for a wireless system. From what I’ve read, a DECT system would not fair well through the multiple steel floors. Is there a full duplex uhf system that can be connected to a headset and transmit through multiple steel floors? TIA

I can think of some full duplex systems similar to DECT that have their own repeaters as well but they are all low power (less than 1W) so you would still suffer from the same issues.

I can think of two products off the top of my head which would work for you. Icom IP-501H handsets paired with the IC-1000 controller. These can be configured for full duplex (even tied into a VoIP phone sysetm) but are reliant on 802.11 WiFi (on a modern cruise ship, this wouldn’t be a problem but I know that type of coverage isn’t likely on other types of ships). The other is Simoco’s Xd DMR repeaters and subscribers which also support full duplex calls if you are willing to burn a timeslot.

hytera pd 985 full duplex capable also able to be used as single frequency repeater so 2 back to back with a third sfr between them might solve your problem they are not cheap but they are ■■■■■■ good wtih a 4 watt output just depends on how many decks its a big ask