FRS frequencies for gmrs

Hello !
I am new so please forgive me … lol
I have a few gmrs radios : wouxun 905-_-g
Baeofeng up-5x gmrs , and btech gmrs-v1

I’m trying to program the gmrs channels into my radio that way I can communicate with some radios at work that I think are FRS .

Where would I find that list and do I need to program them in or is gmrs already have the freq. I know gmrs shares freq…
thanks I’m advance !!

I can’t speak regarding the other brands, since we don’t carry them, but the GMRS frequencies are already programmed into the Wouxun KG-905G by default. The KG-905G owners manual lists the default channel and frequency assignments, and they are standard for nearly all GMRS and FRS radios sold and used in the US.

GMRS radios share 7 frequencies with FRS. As such, you can look up these common frequencies and see if one of them is being used at work. The 7 500 mW FRS-only frequencies are NOT available on a GMRS radio, so if your work is using those frequencies, you are out of luck.