Front Panel Programming Baofeng dm1701

Using the front keypad to manually input
According to the manual, in frequency mode,
holding down the back button switches the
frequency between analog and digital mode. It
doesn’t, and puts the frequency in VFO mode.
I can input the frequency, but not any CTCSS,
because it’s in digital mode. Also, it won’t save
anything inputed once I go back to Memory
Also, in memory mode, I can only access
16 channels, with channels 1-4 and 13- 16
allotted to digital.
Isn’t there any way to program analog channels
through the front panel to the way I want
them? l’m stuck using the front panel for now
because I can’t get this ■■■■ radio to work
on my windows laptop (the driver won’t work,
and the CPS can’t connect to the radio. I’m
actually close to just returning it, and giving
up on digital. I can’t find and help for any of
these issues or any meaningful help period on
YouTube.), and a Google search turns up squat.

Being honest - the problems you have are not just this make and model. The snag seems to be that there are so many things in the CPS that can inhibit what appears on the surface to be a simple thing. Finding these things and fixing them can be virtually impossible. If you have programmed in a pile of analgue channels, then these can usually be edited, but changing modes and putting a working channel in rarely works unless the radio is in a suitable state, and you don’t know that. I do have a DM-1701 CPS that worked on my old one? I can send it to you if it helps?

I’ll try it, thanks. To be honest, I am close to sending this thing back. I’ve still got a few days left on the return.

But if appreciate any help.

Are you sure you are using the correct programming cable? The cable is a simple USB pass-through cable and not the chipped cable that analog radios use. There should be no driver problems with the cable itself.

I’m using the cable that came with the radio. And to make sure I didn’t get a bad radio, I exchanged it, with the same result.