Frequencies Help Please?

In consideration for license fees and remaining legal in the USA, is a 2-way radio that uses frequencies from 136 to 174 legal in the USA. I’m considering a 5w VHF, with a detachable antenna, device for purchase.

I have looked here for information but can’t find anything:


Well 144-148 Mhz is the 2 meter ham radio band, so you certainly cannot use them. Many of those frequencies are also in the commercial and public safety services, so you cannot use them. Also, all radios for use on those frequencies must either be type approved or type-accepted for whatever service.

all you can use without a license are the MURS frequencies… BUT the radio must be FCC type accepted for MURS.

If the radio has no FCC ID, then it cannot be used in the USA under any circumstance, and you bought an expensive paperweight.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ve since found an eBay scam on these radios explaining that they are NOT FCC sanctioned.