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I want to buy a 2 way radio to take to Greece this summer, will they work there, and do I need a FCC license ??

The FCC is an agency of the US governement. The FCC has no juristiction in
Europe. Use of radio in the USA requires a license under the conditions set forth in the regulations.

USA radios are NOT legal outside of the USA (and in some cases, Canada). You cannot use radios purchased in the US overseas. You could be interfering with radio services over there, such as public safety, military, etc.

Europe has a radio service caled PMR-446. Radios can be purchased over there. However… once bought, you cannot use them in the USA… a catch 22. If you used PMR radios here, then you would be interfering with the US Amateur radio service.

I am currently looking to purchase two way radio’s (for someone else in my office) for their trip to Switzerland in a couple of weeks.
They want to use these as an alternate means of communication instead of rental phones or satalite phones.

Would this work?

Thanks for the help!

Nope. Same rules as above. USA radios under no circumstances can be used out of the USA (and in most cases, Canada). This is especially true in Europe, where fire department frequencies are on what is the FRS/GMRS band in the USA.

They’d need to get to Europe and then buy PMR-446 radios there. This is the FRS equivalent service in the European Union.

The drawback is, they can’t be used in the USA. This would interfere with the USA 70 cm. amateur radio band.