FM transmitter booster - can it even work?

In my research I found components on Kynix electronics site:, and I followed the link to the schematic of the standard model: then I followed the link to another transmitter. After browsing a few pages of FAQ’s I came across this one from and I quote:

Q:How to increase the output power? A----This main unit is so sophisticatedly designed that you can boost the power only when you add a boosting circuit to it. The model circuit is here. I didn’t mention, but the transmitter (“1-3 watt”) has harmonic signals such as the double and tripple of the original frequency and you need a lowpath or bandpath filter between the transmitter and the antenna. When you connect this booster, such a filter is indispensable. Otherwise, you may have interference against television and radio.

And the circuit presented to me when I clicked the word “here” is the following:

Since my transmitter uses 5V, I plan to run this circuit with 5V instead of 12V. I do however have some quick questions:

The odds of me accessing the 2SC1970 transistor are low since I’m located in Canada. I do however have Pn2222, 2n3904 and Pn3563. The Pn3563 has a higher Ft (600Mhz) than the Pn2222 and 2n3904, so I’m looking for the best transistor to replace the one in the circuit.

Since I plan to transmit at the carrier frequency of 300 to 500Mhz, shouldn’t I make 33pF input capacitor lower?

Why in the circuit isn’t there a super high resistor value (such as 1M) from +12v to NPN’s base?

And wouldn’t the transistor blow up if enough signal gets injected into the base through the capacitor? and I say this because the choke is a short circuit at DC.

and why is 33pF, 100pF and 3.5 turns of wire made as a filter, is it supposed to be of a certain frequency to filter out the input before reaching the antenna? if so, what frequency?

I think you may be able to refer here.

Sadly, the OP had no clue about electronics, got totally confused with what the circuits his links led to, the power dissipation of the devices, the alternatives considered and what the devices actually do. His copying and pasting of random bits of info made me think it was a thinly disguised advertising ploy - and he never returned.