Flumoxed by BTech UV-25X2

I hope you can help. I had no problem programming a handheld BF-F8HP, but this mobile has me stymied.
I seems to have a number of frequencies built-in and saved by default that I don’t want. I only want to program and save two frequencies, but the others don’t show channel numbers that I can delete in VFO (or MR, for that matter). I’ve used both CHIRP and RT Systems software, and they both neither show those unwanted channels, nor allow me to delete them – they both, however, have allowed me to add the two frequencies (on channel 000 and 001) that I need.
The trouble with these extraneous channels is that they occupy the display, so I can’t show just the two that I want. I’ve tried SYNC (Menu 32) as well as TMR (Menu 00) without success.
I hope that someone can explain what I’m doing wrong. Thank you, in advance, to all.