Fire Dept Dispatch System

Good day, I have 0 knowledge of radio equipment and am looking for help. I have been the chief of our fire dept for just under a year. Over the past week our dispatch contractor has not been able to strike tones or even access our fire dept paging system via phone line. Just keeps ringing and the system never picks up. We have a CSI micro patch 9800D, which I have narrowed down to being the issue. What is this box called, and what types of systems are depts currently running that I can modernize and get with times, the box looks older than my great great grandfather. I’ve attached a picture. Just not sure where to go with this from here and when I replace it what my options are.


It could have some bad connection, or compatibility Phone problems!
Not easy to say this way!

I will suggest you to upgrade the System.

you can get help online, to buy it.

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I would suggest that would cost some $