Field Programmable Radio for GMRS/FRS/Privacy

I’m looking for a radio that can be programmed in the field. It does not need to have a channel dial for all 15 GMRS channels. I only need 2 channels so long as I can program them in the field to any GMRS frequency and privacy code.

What is the most inexpensive radio I can get that does this that is actually better than the consumer grade radios? Also, a detachable antenna is a giant plus! To be honest, detachable antenna is the only reason I am looking at business grade radios.

Thanks again.

OK, I’ve even given up on this. Now I just want one that I can program at home myself. I only need 1 or 2 channels since when in the field, I never change it anyway.

Im hoping to beat the performance if my Midland 720s.

Most are not very easy to program in the field anymore. We sell the software and cable for the Icom radios, so you could program them yourself. If you have a notebook PC, it can be done rather quick and still be semi-mobile.

FRS and GMRS regulations forbid direct frequency entry on equipment. As a matter of fact, only the amateur radio service permits such priveleges.

While GMRS allows use of commercial grade radios, there cannot be field-programmable (from the radio itself) but rather require a computer interface to load the radio’s profile.