Field Day and GMRS?

I read something about the HAM folks just having their annual field day, and because of that I wondered if there was anything similar at all for GMRS? I’m guessing not, because of our much more limited range, but I was wondering.

There are no GMRS radio clubs in my area that I am aware of and field day activities are Amateur Radio club and ARRL organized events a lot of the time. While VHF/UHF are a part of field day the big push, in my experience anyway, is HF. Field day is also used as a training time for emergency communication scenarios which includes all three of those parts of the spectrum. I know there is a big GMRS club in Arizona but don’t know if they have a field day of their own or participate in the HAM version.



Maybe Start a club or even setup a repeater to try and generate some interest? In todays world everyone just think about there cell phones but I am sure there are people who might be interested in GMRS. I had a gmrs repeater in Jackson,NJ but I have since moved South.

You can view who has GMRS licenses in your town on the FCC website…