Is there a FCC license that a car club can get? I’ve been told that to use GMRS radio I need a license but that the license is only good for my immediate family. The 2 mile range on channells 9-14 just doesn’t work. How do other clubs or organizations do this without every individual getting a license? Thanks - Roy

Everyone does need a license for GMRS. There are no licenses issued for clube or organizations. Each member of the club will require thei own license.

Thanks jwilkers. Guess I should have checked back here sooner, just asked this on another forum (which I think your automated response welcomed me to).

Search on “GMRS license”
Go to the FCC website to see the procedure for obtaining a license.

  1. Get permission to talk to the FCC
  2. Request a license. GMRS costs $85 for 5 years.

Getting permission to talk to the FCC involves filling out and sending in forms.
FCC form 160 “CORES”

After a time you will receive a “FRN” FCC Registration Number.

Once you have a FRN you can apply for a GMRS license.
Form 159 “Remittance Advise” must be submitted also.

Note: This process may be faster now as the FCC has implemented
some on-line applications.